„The quality of materials used is critical. That is the focal point in our design and choice of technologies.”


Artur Kołodziej | owner

AVANPORT is the next step in the development of MATPLAST company, an experienced leader of wood joinery, operating on the market since 1998.

AVANPORT is a brand which combines years of experience in the production of external doors with modern design and technologies.

AVANPORT offers products and services of the highest quality in response to the needs of those who require original, reliable and modern solutions.

„The design is a combination of functionality and beauty, expressed in details and careful choice of proportions.”


Grzegorz Rozwadowski | designer

AVANPORT creates unique products, based on the newest trends in design. They are made in cooperation with MATPLAST company with designers from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.

AVANPORT produces carefully designed door models in small series, which means that the brand sets trends in design patterns and leads the way in national and international markets.

AVANPORT develops their products with the help of scientific and research facilities of the University of Science and Technology in Wrocław.

„We combine quality with the uniqueness of natural materials. This allows us to provide exceptional products.”


Piotr Żołnierczyk | production manager


Our name is derived from the word “awanport” which refers to the broadest far end of the port where all ships safely enter the harbour. This is what inspired us. We are certain that AVANPORT will appeal to people open to the world and guests and that the AVANPORT brand provides them with security and comfort.

AVANPORT brand is the next step in the development of the company, a natural consequence of years of experience in wood joinery and innovative approach to technology and design.


Matplast (limited liability company) was created as a private business in 1998 in response to the demand of the market for modern solutions within the joinery sector. The company quickly assumed the position of a local leader, maintaining it to this day.

The idea of the founder was and still is to provide comprehensive services to individual clients and companies, including: measurement, production, and installation of window industry products.