RESPECT line doors are made of the highest quality aluminium, highly resistant to corrosion. The RESPECT line encompasses 20 aluminium door patterns in numerous visual varieties. The wide variety of patterns combined with stainless steel and glass conveys beauty and modernity. Each model is available in full RAL colour palette, which makes it easy to choose a door to match the external elevation.

BALANCE line doors are a combination of the strength of aluminium and natural wood, composed in harmonising proportions. The BALANCE line encompasses 6 basic patterns available in 4 RAL palette colours.

Exotic wood type – celtis, commonly known as hackberry or nettle tree, is a material possessing durability, hardness and resistance to ageing. The wood is subjected to heat treatment which gives it a dark chocolate colour, with contrasting accents of light growth rings. The heat treatment also allows the wood to display mechanical qualities similar to exotic wood, commonly used as terrace or elevation boards. In comparison to other types of exotic wood, however, celtis gains exceptional dimensional stability and resistance to natural degrading factors, such as destructive insects or fungi.

The ETERNAL line is an absolutely unique choice among external doors. These aluminium doors designed with the use of natural stone are a remarkable element of the building’s elevation. The ETERNAL line encompasses 8 basic door patterns available in 4 RAL palette colours. The ETERNAL line was designed with the use of 6 different types of natural slate rock. Just like in the BALANCE line, the natural origin of the stone gives each door a unique appearance. At the same time they provide 100% resistance to the varying atmospheric conditions of the temperate zone.